More Top Picks for Late Talkers & Kids with Speech Delays....

Vocabulary Bldr. 1
23 First Nouns


Help your child learn to talk!  
presents 23 first words using multiple examples. Features Interactive Content. 

Action Words! 1
A First Look at Verbs


Video Magic Award Winner 
From "jump" to "sleep," 20 verbs
are introduced.  
A great pick once your child has a vocabulary of 30+ nouns.

Nouns & Verbs 
Level 2 Set

Reg $99.75
NOW $84.95

The next step for kids finished with the Level 1 Set. Best For kids with 50 - 75 words not yet using 2 word phrases

Starter Library
Levels 1 & 2 Sets

Reg $214.75
NOW $169.95

The Perfect Set for Children 
with Speech Delays or Autism.
This set includes introduces more
than 150 of  your childs first Words













Letters From Parents, Teachers & Speech Therapists

My two year old son was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder this past summer and was almost nonverbal with only a few approximation of words. He was already receiving Early Intervention and making many strides in other areas yet he was still nonverbal. My husband came upon the Baby Bumble Bee web site and figured we would try anything. We ordered the 1st vocabulary Baby Bumble Bee Video to see if he liked them. He not only loved them, within a few days of watching the video he was saying every word on that Volume, even without the verbal prompt and with our help he was carrying on those words to actual things in his environment. Henceforth we ordered the entire set and his vocabulary is kicking in full speed ahead. His Speech Therapist was amazed when she observed him watching the videos and repeating every word. Another wonderful aspect of the videos is that they depict many different pictures of each word. This helps children with PDD to learn to generalize. Thank You

-- Mary M. Wappinger Falls, NY
Hi, my 3 1/2 year old son has chronic ear infections. After many operations, we hope we finally have his problem under control. But, because of 16 ear infections in 20 months You can imagine that he is a little late in developing his speech. When you can't hear, you can't talk. I have been researching on the internet to see what we can do to help him learn how to speak while he is waiting to start is speech therapy next month. I read that these DVDs were recommended. I have to say, I had my doubts. But, after one week of him watching these DVDs. We already see a difference. Plus, he loves them. He demands to watch them every night. He loves Motorized Madness, Opposites, Crazy for Colors and Alphabet. I am extremely, extremely pleased with the product. When you see your child suffer for many month because of a virus that refuses to go away. Then you see your child have really bad temper tantrum because you can't understand what he's trying to tell you and he doesn't understand what you are trying to tell him. AND suddenly, in a period of 3 weeks, he makes sentences and he's able to count from 1 to 10. I CAN UNDERSTAND MY CHILD. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING OF RELIEF.
THANK YOU VERY MUCH - Caroline, Montreal Canada
We definitely started our 21-month-old daughter, Hallie, on "entertainment only" t.v. and videos too soon, and, as a result, we noticed her speech development was slightly behind. I panicked until I found your website. I was afraid that because she was used to "entertainment only" that she wouldn't respond as well to your videos, but I bought the 10-Volume Set anyway. To our pleasant surprise, she took to the videos almost right away! She can say all 69 words from the first 3 Vocabulary Builder videos - she even runs around trying to find the objects in our own home to show to us. I just wanted to say thank you so much for developing such a wonderful teaching tool to help parents to help children achieve their best!
- Kimberly N. / Provo, Utah
Our son has autism and 8 months ago was nonverbal. We started with the numeracy video and when our son began counting everything, we knew we were onto something. We now have all 5 vocabulary builder and the sequencing videos, and Sam knows all the words and can identify them when we see them anywhere. Now we want more! Do you have any other videos? Because autism means he is a very visual learner, and, like any kid, learns well from repetition, videos are a GREAT way of learning. Please let us know; we’d love to test run anything you have in the works as well. Thank you again,
Naomi,  Maryland



Not Sure If Your Child Is a Late Talker, Has a Speech Delay or Has Autism?
Not All Late Talkers have a Speech Delay and Not all Kids with a Speech Delay have Autism - BUT Many children with Autism or PDD wind up being evaluated for Autism because of a speech delay.  So what's a parent to do?  Well - for starters - you'll need to get a definitive diagnosis for your child, but in the meantime you'll need to help your child learn to speak.  The good news is, our DVDs are equally appropriate for kids with a speech delay, late talkers, and Kids with autism - so while you're waiting for a diagnosis you can still take action!



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