Level 1 - First Words

Includes 5 DVDs
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Appropriate for: Non-verbal toddlers & children with fewer than 50 words. First Words was created to take the guesswork out of picking the right products for your non-verbal child. If your child is not speaking much, or not speaking at all - The First Words Set can help. Designed to boost your childs language development, Level 1 includes 5 DVDs that introduce common first words.


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Reviewed by Brittney , 10/25/2013

My mom bought this for my little boy who has autism and speaks under 20 words. We have watched the first dvd about 8 times and he learned to say Dog and Cat, and then we say kitty and doggy with the dvd so that's what he ends up saying outside of watching the dvd. He also said "Baby" clear as day with the dvd. It is so awesome to see him attempt to say all the other words as well, but he doesn't quite get all the other sounds yet. This has helped him tremendously with body parts as well because he didn't know one body part before and now when the word nose comes up, he touches his nose. This dvd set has been so helpful for us already, I can't wait to see what else he'll say. Great product!

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