Vocabulary Builder 4

Vocabulary Builder 4
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Help your child learn to talk using the Vocabulary Builder DVDs! You can also use the DVDs to introduce a second language, teach sign language or to teach early sight reading words. Vocabulary Builder 4 presents 23 nouns. The DVD allows you to select any of 5 languages including: English, Spanish, French, German or Japanese. It's a great learning tool for your baby or young child and a must- have for late talkers. Words matter, especially when it comes to your child's language development. The Vocabulary Builder DVDs can help your child make the most of the critical early window for language development!

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Reviewed by Debra R, 12/06/2012

Dear Baby Bumble Bee,
I am a busy working mom and have never actually written this type of review, but really wanted to share how much my husband and I value your products.

We bought Vocabulary Builder #4 for our son Brandon when he was about six months old. He loved it immediately and over the months it was one of the things that would calm him when he was cranky. We later purchased #1 and #5. By 18 months he knew over 100 words. Now Brandon is two and has a wonderfully large vocabulary, speaks in sentences and talks constantly. Combined with our reading to Brandon at an early age, fostering a love of reading and engaging him in conversation, we really, in part, credit your videos for his speech development. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

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