Level 4 - Making Sentences!

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The Making Sentences Set is designed for kids with a vocabulary of 75 or more words who are ready to make the transition to speaking in full sentences The Making Sentences Set is the perfect choice to help your child transition from using single words or short phrases to speaking in full sentences. This set includes 5 DVDs guaranteed to get your child talking in sentences fast!



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Reviewed by Dennis E, 02/24/2013

Our grandson is 4 1/2 years old and he is autistic. He is very smart, but his main issues are diction and speech. We started him on Vocabulary Builder 1, 2, and 3 as a baby. The results were great, and while he still struggles with expressing himself verbally, his word understanding is remarkable and Mom and we feel that these DVD's are greatly responsible for his progress. We have started him on this 5 DVD set, and he loves them. We watch them all the time and he has already begun to talk to us about them, just like he did with the vocabulary words. I do not think we can praise these DVD's enough. It would be very difficult to duplicate the lessons and learning aids at home on an on-going basis and they are all presented in a format that our grandson loves. Thank you. These are just great.

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