Vocabulary Builder 3-Volume DVD set

Vocabulary Builder 3 Volume Set
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Help your child learn to talk using the Vocabulary Builder DVD Series! You can use the DVDs to introduce a second language, teach sign language or to teach early sight reading words too. Each volume of the Vocabulary Builder Series presents 23 nouns. Volumes 1-5 of the series are multilingual and allow you to select any of 5 languages including: English, Spanish, French, German or Japanese. They are great learning tools for your baby or young child and a must- have for late talkers. Words matter, especially when it comes to your child's language development. The Vocabulary Builder DVDs can help your child make the most of the critical early window for language development!

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Dennis E, 02/25/2013

Our grandson is autistic, and we started him on the vocabulary builder DVD's when he was diagnosed, at about 18 months. We had two of them at my house (I do grandpa daycare) and one at Mommy's house. We ate lunch with them, laid down for nap with them, and went to bed at night with them. He loved them. We watched them any time we could. These DVD's gave us something to build on, and they are a large part of the success we have had with his vocabulary skills.

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