Alphabet Phonics & Fun

Alphabet Phonics & Fun
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Alphabet Phonics & Fun is a lively exploration of the ABCs. Performed by kids for kids, this DVD covers all the alphabet basics your child needs to know including: Upper & Lower Case Letter Recognition, First Letter Sounds, Upper Case Letter Writing plus Basic Reading & Decoding skills. Alphabet Phonics & Fun is a great pick for school readiness and can help your child succeed in kindergarten and beyond!  Appropriate for children 12 months & up

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by C. S, 12/06/2012

I introduced our little boy to the Baby Bumble Bee DVD'S early on and he immediately became fixated on them, concentrating intently as he watched. After seeing how our son responded to the learning videos, I purchased the Bumble Bee flash cards and ordered more of your learning DVD'S. At age one, he was able to identify an enormous amount of objects by name. By 18 months he was reading single words from the flash cards and would follow along and repeat the words displayed on the videos!!

Our son was born premature and is enrolled in a developmental program consisting of a team of doctors and specialists who track his development. We were told to expect some developmental delays however, what we have witnessed is the complete opposite. We have been informed that he has an extensive vocabulary directly attributed to the these learning videos and use of flash cards.

It took me a while before I realized he was actually reading. I discovered his skill during an exercise with your flash cards, specifically the "Colors & Shapes". He was able to identify "spots", "checks" "polka dots" and"triangle" among a few, knowing my husband and I did NOT teach him that. He could not possibly distinguish between the color "silver" and "grey" yet, when I produced your color flash cards, he was able to do so because he was actually reading the description listed below the color. I video taped him as he sounded out the letters and watched in amazement as I produced the flash card upside down, and he would turn it right side up enabling him to read the description. I can only attribute his early ability to read to your"ABC" video. That video is superior to your competitors because you actually introduce how letters are formed to make words as well as introduce lower and upper case letters and letter sounds. Clearly our son has acquired this skill at such an early age due to your learning material and I HIGHLY recommend your videos/ DVD'S to everyone!!

The only material our son watches on the television are your learning videos and he has expressed no interest in watching cartoons or any cartoon type learning videos. I believe the fact that you use children in your video's is one reason, coupled with your music and colorful introductions. I am so grateful for your products and I thank you for all the effort you put into making them!

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