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We think VideoApps are a Better Way to Learn.
VideoApps let your child watch and interact with our videos on compatible Apple and Android tablets and phones. You can play DVDs on a DVD player for your child, but our VideoApps let your child play with video. Here are some of the ways the 
VideoApps are different from DVDs:

  • VideoApps let your child navigate through video using a content and topic driven flashcard menu system.
  • VideoApp players let you and your child easily focus on specific content that needs practice or reinforcement.
  • VideoApps include lots of content not available on DVDs - like games to test and practice knowledge, an integrated flashcard system, additional fun facts and multimedia content, sign language tutors, mirror functions to let your child practice speech and LOTS MORE.
  • VideoApps are Interactive, this creates a more meaningful learning experience for your child vs video alone.
  • VideoApps are convenient. You can take them to the beach or to the grocery store. You can turn anyplace into a classroom - all you need is a compatible tablet or smartphone










Using the VideoApps that Come with Your Purchase 
Using the VideoApps is easy! Within 24 hours of your eligible DVD or set order you'll revceive an email letting you know that your VideoApp subscription has been set up.  The first step is to download the FREE VideoApp Player from either iTunes or Google Play. Once you've downloaded it, you'll log in using the email address you used to purchase the DVDs and the password included in your subscription email. As soon as you log in your content will be available to sync to your device.

What if You Just Want the VideoApps, Not the DVDs?
Lots of our customers are moving in a digital only world. We offer a low cost subscription to the entire library that may be a better way to get the VideoApps.



$19.95 per month
Cancel Anytime



PayPal Makes Your Subscription Safe & Easy to Manage
Use Your PayPal Account or any Major Credit Card
Pay only $19.95 / month It's Easy to Use to Help Your Toddler at Home!
Works Great for Kids Receiving Speech Therapy Too!


Use it on Your Phone and Your Tablet to Help Your Toddler Talk!



What's Included

The monthly VideoApp Subscription includes streaming rights for the entire Award Winning BumbleBeeKids & Baby BumbleBee educational video series. (Purchased on DVD these 30+ videos retail for over $500!) The fantastic thing about the VideoApps though is the additional video content that helps your toddler talk faster. The interactive VideoApps and videos teach thousands of words, sentences, questions and concepts - Plus it includes kindergarten readiness topics like the alphabet, phonics and numbers.


How It Works*

Sign up for a subscription using your PayPal account or a major credit card. You'll get an email with instructions and links to download the VideoApp player and a login and password to access the Full Library of BumbleBee Kids award winning videos that will help your child talk! Your subscription will renew each month until you decide to cancel. Once you're done with the subscription (hopefully because your late talker is talking up a storm) log in to the easy and safe PayPal subscription manager and cancel it. It really is that easy. 

BumbleBee Kids Award Winning Videos Have Been Helping Late Talkers Since 1999. Speech and Language are important. If you're a parent or grandparent worried about a Late Talker you need to act fast. Children who receive early help for communication problems do better, in language and in life. Too often when a child is a late talker people try to make you feel better by saying things like...

"He's got a big sister, she does all the talking for him.."

"Don't worry, Einstein was a late talker" 

"She'll grow out of it, don't get so worked up"

They may be right but they could be wrong, the problem is you won't know for sure until it's too late to help.  It's never a good idea to adopt a "wait and see" approach with speech delays. Your late talker can't afford to lose valuable time. If you're concerned about your child's speech - now is the time to act!





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