I introduced our little boy to the Baby Bumble Bee DVD'S early on and he immediately became fixated on them, concentrating intently as he watched. After seeing how our son responded to the learning videos, I purchased the Bumble Bee flash cards and ordered more of your learning DVD'S. At age one, he was able to identify an enormous amount of objects by name. By 18 months he was reading single words from the flash cards and would follow along and repeat the words displayed on the videos!!

Our son was born premature and is enrolled in a developmental program consisting of a team of doctors and specialists who track his development. We were told to expect some developmental delays however, what we have witnessed is the complete opposite. We have been informed that he has an extensive vocabulary directly attributed to the these learning videos and use of flash cards.

It took me a while before I realized he was actually reading. I discovered his skill during an exercise with your flash cards, specifically the "Colors & Shapes". He was able to identify "spots", "checks" "polka dots" and"triangle" among a few, knowing my husband and I did NOT teach him that. He could not possibly distinguish between the color "silver" and "grey" yet, when I produced your color flash cards, he was able to do so because he was actually reading the description listed below the color. I video taped him as he sounded out the letters and watched in amazement as I produced the flash card upside down, and he would turn it right side up enabling him to read the description. I can only attribute his early ability to read to your"ABC" video. That video is superior to your competitors because you actually introduce how letters are formed to make words as well as introduce lower and upper case letters and letter sounds. Clearly our son has acquired this skill at such an early age due to your learning material and I HIGHLY recommend your videos/ DVD'S to everyone!!

The only material our son watches on the television are your learning videos and he has expressed no interest in watching cartoons or any cartoon type learning videos. I believe the fact that you use children in your video's is one reason, coupled with your music and colorful introductions. I am so grateful for your products and I thank you for all the effort you put into making them!

- C. Sloane, CA


My daughter is 2 years and two months, but her speech hadn't really taken off like we were hoping. I take some of the blame, since it's just me and her during the day, and I'm not the most talkative person on the planet. She didn't have the biggest of vocabularies. When she wanted more milk or juice, she simply hit me in the leg with her cup, lol. Our pediatrician was really getting concerned, although I knew she was ok.

We've had the Baby Bumblebee DVD's for less than a week, and she's already learned about 90% of the first one. My husband and I are already talking about trading it in for the second. It's also seeming to make her more receptive to things not on the DVD. For example, a few days ago and for the first time, she handed me her cup and said, "All gone." I'm just stunned by the improvement we've seen in her since we started working with her on the video.

I can't leave her alone with the videos, however. When I did that one day to sneak in a shower, I came out to find her playing with her kitten and paying no attention to the video. I think it helps if I'm there to redirect her attention to the TV. But it's really peaceful to put her and her infant sister in front of the video for half an hour each day and catch up on a bit of knitting while I act excited about the video. ("Oooh, look! It's a firetruck/teddy bear/baby!")

Seriously, Audrey's vocabulary has increased by 50% since we started with Baby Bumblebee. Thank you so much for providing me with a tool to get her to start talking!

- Bev M.


Hi, my 3 1/2 year old son has chronic ear infections. After many operations, we hope we finally have is problem under control. But, because of is 16 ear infections in 20 months. You can imagine that he is a little late in developing is speech. When you can't ear, you can't talk.

I have been researching on the internet to see what we can do to help him learn how to speak while he is waiting to start is speech therapy next month. I read that these DVDs were recommended. I have to say, I had my doubts. But, after one week of him watching these DVDs. We already see a difference. Plus, he loves them. He demands to watch them every night. He loves Motorized Madness, Opposites, Crazy for colors and Alphabet.

I am extremely, extremely please with product. When you see your child suffer for many month because of a virus that refuses to go away. Then you see your child have really bad temper tantrum because you can't understand what he's trying to tell you and he doesn't understand what you are trying to tell him. AND suddenly, in a period of 3 weeks, he makes sentences and he's able to count from 1 to 10. I CAN UNDERSTAND MY CHILD. IT IS THE MOST AMAZING FEELING OF RELIEF.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH

- Caroline, Montreal Canada   


Hi. I just wanted to say thank you for the videos. My daughter started watching them at six months and by the time she was 9 months could say 10 words. By the time she was 1 she could say over 50 words and by the time she was 18 months was saying thousands (anything you asked her.) Not only that she was saying big words like hippopatumus and university. Plus she was also speaking in sentences and singing whole songs by then (like Amazing Grace.) She just turned 3 last month and is so verbal I find it hard to believe she is only 3. As do her preschool teachers. Everyone is amazed at how much she can comprehend as well. I really do attribute this to your videos. I think they are invaluable and I just started my 5 month old son on them. I'll let you know his progress. Thanks again.

- Carol D. / Houston, TX


Hi, I just wanted to drop you all a line to let you know how WONDERFUL my family thinks your videos are. At age 1, I bought my son the Vocabulary Builder 1 video and by age 2, he had gone through them all (Vol.5) knowing EVERY word on each video. So that meant at the very least he learned 115 words in a year! He responds best to videos with real people/children in them so it was no problem for him to grasp all of the words quickly. I bought a cartoon type video that helps children learn letters yet he rarely even looks at the tv when it is on.

He is 2 now and I purchased Baby Math I and Action Words I. Although he knows his numbers through 20 as far as saying them, he is instantly attracted to the Baby Math video. I can tell already that a light is going off that numbers are used to count things.

I am very impressed with the Action Words video as well and I am sure it will help him speak better sentences. And, although he knows all of his alphabet, I am looking forward to purchasing your alphabet video that I didn't know you all had. I wished before that you all had one. We used Baby's First Impression alphabet video. He learned his alphabet but there is still not the attraction and the true learning going on. For instance, we have their numbers video and I know he has not learned the concept of counting.

What I like about your method also is that it is simple so there is not so much going so as to hinder the learning process. The music is at such a nice level that my son has occasionally gone to sleep at night to one of your videos. I recommend your videos to all of my friends and family. So, all in all, keep up the EXCELLENT work!

- T. / Athens, GA


My son Tyler, 2 1/2 responded immediately to the Math Video and then we followed that up the sequencing and that's when I would find him counting things all over the house!! Now we have the colors, alphabet and are ordering the opposites one. Tyler will only watch real people and kids on TV and isn't exposed to any other program besides Sesame Street. My husband and I know he has learned so much from your educational videos and for that it was absolutely money well spent! Thank you so much.

- Maria S.


Dear Baby Bumble Bee,
I am a busy working mom and have never actually written this type of review, but really wanted to share how much my husband and I value your products.

We bought Vocabulary Builder #4 for our son Brandon when he was about six months old. He loved it immediately and over the months it was one of the things that would calm him when he was cranky. We later purchased #1 and #5. By 18 months he knew over 100 words. Now Brandon is two and has a wonderfully large vocabulary, speaks in sentences and talks constantly. Combined with our reading to Brandon at an early age, fostering a love of reading and engaging him in conversation, we really, in part, credit your videos for his speech development. Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

- Debra R. / New York


We definitely started our 21-month-old daughter, Hallie, on "entertainment only" t.v. and videos too soon, and, as a result, we noticed her speech development was slightly behind. I panicked until I found your website. I was afraid that because she was used to "entertainment only" that she wouldn't respond as well to your videos, but I bought the 10-Volume Set anyway. To our pleasant surprise, she took to the videos almost right away! She can say all 69 words from the first 3 Vocabulary Builder videos - she even runs around trying to find the objects in our own home to show to us. I just wanted to say thank you so much for developing such a wonderful teaching tool to help parents to help children achieve their best!

- Kimberly N. / Provo, Utah


My 2 1/2 year old grandson was not talking in English-just gibbering his own language. The minute his mother started playing video 1, he would sit, enthralled, and after a week, he started saying the words. Now he has mastered video 2. He still continues to jabber on, but he stops when he sees a recognizable object and says the word for it. We are completely grateful for the simplistic, but effective way you have presented the basic vocabulary for a child. Thank you so much.

- Pat


Just to say thanks for the great videos. We have videos from several different early child development companies. We like them all. However, we particularly appreciate the strong educational context from which the BabyBumbleBee videos come. Additionally, we really like that the kids are so normal looking. In fact, not all children are physically beautiful, but they all do have the capacity to learn. Thank you for demonstrating that.

- Virginia & Mark D.


I have 15 month old twins. A boy and a girl. They received the vocabulary builder DVDs 1, 2, and 3 for their one year birthday. The first time I played the 1st video, the next day my daughter turned to me and pointed to her eyes and said "eyes". My son soon followed. Now they point to their eyes, and nose. They can say a lot of the words from all the DVDs (cookie, shoes, cow, etc.) I love these DVDs and cannot wait until more are released!
Alex, loves your videos. His vocabulary far exceeds the other children in his playgroup. Not only does he recognize the objects in the video but he recognizes them in his books and when we are out and about. My 15-month-old son has a vocabulary of almost 50 words.

- Heidi H.


I just received the Bee Smart Baby Vocabulary Builder Volume 2 and had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the language development videos you have created. My husband and I watch the videos with our baby Katie.
Katie was 12 months old when she started watching Volume 1 and 15 months old with Volume 2. We all enjoy watching them and are amazed at how quickly Katie's vocabulary is increasing day by day. Katie Seems to interact with these videos a great deal more than with the other early development videos we have purchased for her. She is entranced and entertained by all the videos, and can be calmed down and lulled to sleep by the repetition of the other videos. We particularly enjoy your early language videos , we get to see immediate results with them. Katie shouts out the words with the visual images. We especially like the mixing of real and toy images. We know she is most excited when she sees other children, so with the visual images being presented with children, she is most apt to pay close attention to them.
When we took Katie for her 15 month checkup with her pediatrician, the physician asked us to estimate the number of words that she clearly makes us understand. We were proudly able to tell her about 30. The pediatrician then informed us that some toddlers this age could only verbalize a few words that included Mama & Dada. We feel that your videos have significantly added to Katies verbal skills.

- Anita / Columbus, OH


My daughter has the Vocabulary series 1-5 and loves them! She started watching the videos at 12 months and the rate that she was learning the words was amazing! These videos keep her attention to this day and that's after a year of having them! Recently we purchased the Numeracy video and again, my daughter (24 months) tuned right into the video. I have been trying to teach her to count, but in reality all I did was help her to memorize numbers. She can count to 20 but could not clap 5 times or tell me that there are 3 bananas in front of her. After watching this video only 2 times she can now COUNT objects. I am amazed at the progress she has achieved just by watching these videos. I look forward to the next Numeracy volume! Happy Learning.

- Stamie / Alpharetta, GA


I'm about to order your newest video, Baby Math, and I wanted you to know my strong feelings about your product line. I bought your entire Vocabulary Builder series when my daughter was just 4 months old, now at 9 months old she still loves the videos just as much as her first viewing! I have tried the Baby Einstein and Baby Mozart videos but they just don't hold her interest, your DVDs have her from beginning to end. Every night after bath time she watches two of your 30-minute videos - she never lets out a peep - even if we walk in front of her - she stays completely focused on the show. This hour of time each night has been priceless for myself and my husband, as well as for our daughter --- thank you!
I hope the new Math video will capture her attention the way the Vocabulary videos have --- it is a great comfort in knowing that my daughter is having so much fun learning! Thank you.

- Marla / Wesley Chapel, FL


My 13 month old son Eric loves your videos! He comes running as soon as he hears the music. He also knows every word on video one and two. At our last visit to the doctor his pediatrician commented on his language development and said he seemed 2-3 months ahead. The DVDs have helped! Thank you so much for such wonderful products. I'm starting him on Vocabulary Builder 3 this week!

- Jennifer / Exton, PA


I want to give special KUDOS to BabyBumbleBee for a fantastic video series. My son Austin is 10 months old and I have been playing his BabyBumbleBee videos (Vocab 1,2,3) since he was 4 months old. As soon as he hears the music, he gets so excited he will jump up and down in his bouncer and starts pointing to the television. Austin will watch two entire videos in one sitting. Intially, I was concerned about starting him so young watching television. I decided if he was going to watch TV, I wanted him to watch something he could learn.

I have experimented with other videos like Barney, Elmo, Baby Mozart but none capture his attention like the Baby BumbleBee nor do they offer the consistency. I like the way the videos use different ways of illustrating a particular object then repeat the vocabulary words at the end of the video. He is already attempting to say words like "Baby." He has learned objects from these videos like hat (and where to wear the hat), dog and cat. When he sees an animal he growls (he's imitatating the lion). I am so satisfied with these videos I have recently placed an order for the math and Spanish videos. Thank you!!!!"

- Elizabeth R. / Tampa, FL


Hello, I am the mother of twin girls!!! They were premature and have had a pretty rough time with developing. We are getting occupational and speech therapy and soon will start with physical therapy. We have only the first vocabulary video at the present time, but my girls have to see this every day!!! They smile at the babies and have actually started to repeat some of the words! They actually say more back to the video than they do to their therapist!!!

- Laney B.


My wife and I purchased the entire Baby Bumble Bee series for our daughter who has been diagnosed with PDD/autism. At age 2 and prior to purchasing these videos, she could say maybe 3 words. Now, at age 2 1/2, through these videos and a home-based ABA program, she can say over 100 words and is well on her way to being "recovered." Our daughter can't get enough of these videos and always asks specifically for "Bee." The Baby Bumble Bee videos are amazing in the results they have produced in our daughter and well worth every penny. We highly recommend them.

- JB from Des Moines, I



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