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Baby BumbleBee was founded over a decade ago by a stay-at-home mom, Liz Iftikhar. Unhappy with the videos available for her young kids - she set out to create a developmentally appropriate educational video for this age group.  In conjunction with a developmental psychologist she put together the first Baby BumbleBee video, Vocabulary Builder 1. It was a success. Babies and toddlers as well as kids with special learning needs were happy! Since then, we have continued to win fans among discriminating parents - parents who understand that for this age group, screen time should feature simple, slow paced content
developed especially for early learners.

Like so many products developed by moms - Baby BumbleBee videos were created to meet the needs of her own kids.  Liz's first child, a son, loved books and magazines featuring real photographic images.  He'd happily sit flipping through a book or magazine waiting for his mom to point to and name things.  Liz came up with the idea of creating a photo album of first words for him.  The photo album never happened - life with a baby or toddler moves fast.  By the time she got around to taking any pictures, he was talking in sentences.  

Now, fast forward a year or so and baby number 2 arrives. This baby, a daughter, receives a video as a gift. Surprised by how fascinated her 6 month old is with the images on the screen, Liz is completely unimpressed with the content of the video.  Supposedly "educational", it's clearly not.  Slickly produced, the video features a series of visually interesting but unconnected images streaming against a background of classical music.

In the way that these thing often happen - the two incidents merged into one idea.  Why not produce the forgotten photo album as a video - complete with a voice over naming each image?  Language development is one of the most important early learning tasks - this could help young kids make the connection between their world and words.

Working with a developmental psychologist and a speech therapist in training (her nanny) Liz came up with a method for presenting these first words that has proven effective for introducing early vocabulary.   This method is now used widely - not only for typically developing infants and toddlers but also for kids with speech delays and children with Autism Spectrum disorders.




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