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Awards & Rave Reviews
Over the years we've received critical acclaim for numerous video and flashcard titles.  From our Vocabulary Builder DVDs to the Alphabet Flashcards we've won some serious bling!  Just as importantly - we've received some really inspirational letters from teachers, speech therapists, autism specialists - and more importantly - PARENTS & GRANDPARENTS!. You can read about a few of these very special acknowledgments below.....

Parents' Choice Award Winner

Opposites & More
teaches 10 opposite pairs (20 words)
introduced in 2003.





Parents' Choice Award Winner

Vocabulary BuilderTM 1
teaches 23 first words (nouns)
introduced in 1999





Video of the Year Award
Creative Child Magazine

Alphabet Phonics & Fun
You Can Read the Full Review Below -introduced in 2003




Video Magic Award 
Parenting Magazine

Action Words! Volume 1
You Can Read the Full Review Below -introduced in 2002





Parents' Choice Award Winner

Crazy for Colors
teaches primary & secondary colors plus patterns.  introduced in 2003.


   Alphabet Full Color Flashcards
    (Educational Fun for Kids category)

   Color Shapes & Patterns Full Color Flashcards
   Vocabulary Builder 1 Full Color Flashcards

    (Educational Fun for Kids category)

   Yoga For Kids & Tweens DVD
   Pilates For Kids & Tweens DVD

    (DVDs for Kids-Movement category)






Alphabet Phonics & Fun DVD - Video of the Year Award Winner!  Creative Child Magazine  -  This video is a lively and entertaining exploration of the ABCs. Performed by kids for kids, this video covers all the alphabet basics a child needs to know. Alphabet Phonics and Fun can help a child succeed in kindergarten and beyond. This 40 minute introduction to the alphabet is sure to delight and stimulate any child.

Action Words! Volume 1 DVD  -  Video Magic Award, Parenting Magazine 2002 From "jump" to "sleep," different verbs are pictured onscreen and accompanied by narration that introduces and repeats each new word. Infants can watch their peers at play and learn though engaging visuals. For example, separate clips of a toddler and a horse walking by are used to illustrate"walk." - Wee Words Review  - Vocabulary Builder DVD Series  -  Give your baby's language development a boost with Bee Smart Vocabulary Builder videos (ages 4-36 months). Each tape is set to the music of a different classical composer and teaches 23 words. On volume 1, which is set to Mozart, baby watches cars in action as the narrator says "car" (Think flash cards on video.) As the volumes progress, the words become more sophisticated, featuring toughies like bulldozer and lollipop. -Gina Bevinetto
Parenting Magazine Review  -  Vocabulary Builder DVD Series  -  A series of common objects are identified by an unseen narrator as the name of each appealing item -plane, car, train- is spelled on the screen. The pace is just right for holding a little one's attention, and the upbeat music by Mozart provides a lilting (and easy-on-parents) background to a painless lesson in vocabulary. A Rated. December 2001



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