60 Day Money Back Guarantee



60 Day Money Back Guarantee for Customers Purchasing
For a Child with Autism, PDD or a Speech Delay



Our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee was designed specifically to meet the needs of customers purchasing for a child with autism, pdd or a speech or developmental delay.  This return policy has far fewer restrictions than our site-wide return policy.  Here’s how to qualify for the guarantee, and the specifics of what the guarantee covers:

There are two ways to qualify for this return policy:

  1. The sets purchased by using the “buy” or “add to cart” buttons  from the page you were just on will automatically qualify for the return policy or
  2. If you prefer to order the sets by phone, you must tell the customer service representative that you’d like this return policy to apply to you order. 

Four sets qualify for the return policy.

  1. The First Words – Level  1 Set
  2. The Nouns & Verbs – Level  2 Set
  3. The Vocabulary Expansion – Level  3 Set
  4. The Making Sentences – Level  4 Set

Again, the items will need to be ordered from this page or you will have to tell the rep when you purchase the Set.  This is because a different product code is used for the purchases that the guarantee applies to, to help us track these purchases.

The Return Policy Covers the Following:
We will refund your purchase price less any shipping charges.  Shipping charges are $6.95 unless you have had the item express shipped to you.  We do not refund the cost of shipping the item back to us.

Time Period for Returning the Set:
The 60 day guarantee begins the day you place the order.  Items generally take no longer than 2-5 days to arrive to US addresses.  We do ask that you actually try the set for at least 30 days.  (Unless you think you ordered the wrong set and would like to exchange it for another.)  Please note that we need to receive the set within this 60 day period – so you will have to allow time for shipping.

To receive the refund you may open no more than 2 DVDs from any set.  Once you’re comfortable with your purchase go ahead and open the rest – but until you’re sure open no more than 2 DVDs.

How to Return a Set
We hope your child does well with the set you purchase, but if not, just make sure you’ve followed the guidelines above and you’ll be able to return it within the 60 day window.  To return the set please make sure you do the following:

  1. Purchase delivery confirmation and shipping from the USPS to protect your package.  We cannot issue refunds for items that do not reach us – and occasionally items do get lost in transit.
  2. Write your original order number on the outside of the package – this allows us to locate your order to issue the refund.
  3. Include a copy of your receipt inside the box.
  4. Please note that we need to RECEIVE the item within this 60 day window.  You will have to allow for shipping time to make sure this happens.

Mail the Item you wish to return to us at the address below (Please note we cannot accept returns via UPS or Fed-Ex, just USPS)

Baby BumbleBee
PO Box 3087
Chapel Hill, NC  27514




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